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stickers - Outdoor bumper sticker
Our waterless offset press uses light-fast UV-cured inks which, when combined with
our outdoor vinyl, produce a high quality sticker with vibrant colours that will not fade
when exposed to the elements. In fact, a recent light-fastness test on prints made
with these inks gave a result of Blue Wool 8+. The prints (plant labels) were exposed
for two months in a Xenotest machine and no fade could be determined. Blue Wool 8
is equivalent to at least two years of exposure.
Furthermore, our high gloss vinyl stock resists shrinkage, has good dimensional
stability and, based on New Zealand exposure conditions, is rated for durability in vertical
exposure for up to three years. Excellent adhesion to most substrates makes them
perfect for bumper stickers, decorative vehicle stickers, door safety stickers and the
This information is based on suppliers' published findings and The Production House can therefore not be
held liable for any printed stickers that don't perform as described. The Blue Wool test
does not take into account New Zealand's ozone conditions, rain, wind and grit. These will
all have an effect on the product and cannot be accounted for.

  • up to full colour one side

  • light fast UV cured inks

  • high gloss vinyl stock

  • bumper size 180x55mm or 297x 60mm

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