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New people, new products and congrats...

March is suddenly upon us - with a few of us still trying to work out where February went!  Anyway, we'd like to introduce you to Dave Bascand, the new Managing Director of The Production House. He's a born and bred kiwi, recently back from living and working in Vancouver where he gained a fresh perspective of the online print industry. You'll hear more from Dave in the upcoming months.


There's also a few new items that we're launching this month that you may find of use...
bullet point A new 300gsm score card stock ideal for minigolf businesses or people who love to write notes on the back of their cards, available in two versions – one uncoated and one with a cast–coating on one side and uncoated reverse for writing on.
bullet point A 250gsm gloss art flyer stock.  This is perfect for when you need a thick brochure or flyer stock that has that board feel, without being too chunky.
bullet point NEW Clingz static sticker stock. Want something that sticks to almost anything, and then can be removed and re-stuck again, without leaving any residual adhesive? This is the promotional product for you! Check out our samples later this month. For samples, simply give us a call 0800 533 677 or email us.

Also, congratulations to all those who took advantage of the "Massive Pen Sale" deals that we've advertised via email and online.  If you're still after a good deal on branded promotional products such as pens, USB's, desk items etc. then give one of the team a call.

Dave Bascand
Managing Director

Tania Wahrlich
Operations and Systems

Adele Little
Production Co-ordinator

Nigel Matthews
Marketing and Development

Lottie Fife

Design tip

    Before you start laying up a design - DOWNLOAD a FREE TEMPLATE

    We understand being a designer that even saving a few minutes makes all the difference in your day. To make your life easier we have a large range of free templates for you to download and use. Whether you're wanting to design a business card, brochure, presentation folder or even a flyer, we've marked out bleed, trim and safety zones to ensure you're not going to have any delays when you send your files through for printing. All it takes is to find the template you require in which format you need and download it, too easy!

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    loyalty card

    Our new 300gsm uncoated or one-sided card stock is perfect for loyalty cards, as the sheets surface can be marked with a stamp, pen, or biro. It's easy to create the artwork for loyalty cards too – you can base one side on a standard business card with all the company details, then put a grid or some other type of tracking mechanism on the reverse that can visibly show the end-user how easy it is to receive an incentive for repeat business.

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    clockTime waits for no man (or woman)...

    And neither does the opportunity to promote calendars!

    Seize the moment and reap the benefits of calendar orders today!

    Just imagine your customers' delight at having their contact details in front of their clients for the next 12 months, and thanking you for it!

    But to receive the accolades, you have to act fast. You're running out of time to place your calendar orders as the year quickly progresses.
    Approve your job and we'll have it to you in 5 - 7 working days.

    Email if you require your log-in details for online ordering or would like to receive samples of our calendar range.

    And if you have any questions, please call our friendly team on 0800 533 677.

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More Cool Card ideas...

    Love this retro-style card!  This really shows that a simple diecut effect can make all the difference.


    ... or you could simply not diecut - and let your clients cut their own shapes instead!


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Caught in Print...

    Sometimes we get emails sent to us that make us do a double-take.  Here's some that have made it to our wall of fame;



    ...and then there are those that you just have to wonder...


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